Monday, November 30, 2009

Casting Pariah

There was one winner for my casting Pariah contest. Congratulations to Mark Sullivan of Silver Spring, Maryland for winning a signed copy of Bad Karma for his following casting:

Kyle Nevin – Matt Dillon
Danny Nevin – Kevin Dillon
Eve – Michele Hicks
Red Mahoney – Michael O’Keefe
Joe Whalley – James Cromwell
Nola – Olivia Wilde

My own dream cast would be:

Kyle Nevin – Russsell Crowe
Danny Nevin – Colin Farrell
Eve – Anne Hathaway
Red Mahoney – Malcolm McDowell
Joe Whalley – Ed Harris
Nola – Mila Kunis

1 comment:

Sam said...

Casting novels can be a lot of fun and I've done my fair of the in the past. I even did a little casting when writing North Pass. I doubt my casting will ever come true, but it's still nice to think about.