Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Small Crimes on the web

Poisoned Pen Bookstore has come up with their best of 2008 lists, and I was happy to see Patrick Milliken, who is their resident hardboiled/noir aficionado, as well as the editor for the upcoming Phoenix Noir (Akashic Books), included Small Crimes in his list.

C.T. Henry over at his Mystery Bookshelf includes Small Crimes in his Holiday Gift Guide, as well saying some good stuff about it:

"The writing is taut, and Zeltserman keeps you guessing in this excellently crafted thriller. While Joe tries to go straight, circumstances always seem to work against him. You keep asking yourself: How’s Joe going to get out of this one? The twists and turns of the novel are very entertaining, and the ending is pitch perfect. Highly Recommended!"

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