Friday, September 5, 2008

Latest members of the Degenerates Club

Thrilled to see Small Crimes join Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn and The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum as the latest members of Thuglit's Degenerates Book Club.

And speaking of Thuglit, their latest issue is fucking great, each story a strong one. Yeah, for short crime fiction, they're the best, it's that simple. Two in particular that I want to point out, "Mercy First, First Mercy" by David Harrison is a clever and intriguing view of an insane mind, and Overclocked by Lawrence Clayton is just brilliant, wickedly funny, and had me laughing outloud--and definitely the standout story of the issue, although for the author's sake, I hope it isn't as autobiographical as it sounds.

Anyway, a big thanks to Big Thug, Todd Robinson, for reading Small Crimes and adding it to his club, and even bigger thanks for putting out such a kickass crime fiction zine!

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