Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sunday Express on Small Crimes

As I wait for the October release in the US for Small Crimes, I keep getting only good reviews in the UK. Here's part of what David Connett has to say in his June 8th review in the Sunday Express:

"Zeltserman creates an intense atmospheric maze for readers to observe Denton's twisting and turning between his rocks and hard places.

Denton is one of the best realised characters I have read in this genre, and the powerfully noir-ish, uncompromising plot, which truly keeps one guessing from page to page, culminates with a genuinely astonishing finale."


Terry Butler said...

Dave..really enjoying your remarks. I sometimes feel very isolated as a writer and it's great to read of your history. I especially enjoyed the story of your first sale to Gary Lovisi at Hardboiled Magazine because that was my first too! What a thrill! I was in an issue with William F. Nolan and thought that was just incredible. I hope you keep this going as I look forward to more. Thanks! Terry Butler

Dave Zeltserman said...

Terry, thanks, and I plan to keep these going for awhile. Hey, William Nolan had an article in Hardboiled #22 also--and congrats on your Hardboiled sale. Over the years Gary has published an impressive list of crime fiction writers. Btw. I got to return the favor years later and publish Gary in several Hardlucks, as well as the upcoming Western noir anthology that Ed and I are putting out.

Dave Zeltserman said...

Terry, I just realized you must be the same Terrence Butler who's also going to be in our Western Noir antho, as well as the last Hardluck issue. Hey, anytime you want to ask anything, feel free.