Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cast of Small Crimes -- Phil Coakley

A cab was waiting for me, but there was a man bent over, talking to the driver. The cab pulled away, and as the man stood up I recognized him instantly. I’d have to with the way his face was carved up and the thick piece of flesh that was missing from his nose. At one time, he had been a good-looking man, but that was before he had been stabbed thirteen times in the face.

Morris looked a bit uncomfortable. ‘Well, uh,’ he said, ‘it was a pleasure having you as my guest, young fellow. If you ever want to stop by for a lesson on the theory of checkers, feel free.’ Then, seriously, ‘Try to stay out of trouble.’

He gave me a pat on the back and waved to the other man before disappearing back into the building. The other man stood grinning, but it didn’t extend to his eyes. Looking at him was like staring at an open-mouthed rattlesnake.

I nodded to him. ‘I don’t want any trouble, Phil,’ I said.

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Small Crimes reviewed on Shots Magazine:

At its heart, the novel is about Man’s relationship with God and the moral choices life throws up. And make no mistake: this is an intensely moralistic fable. The crimes may start small, Zeltserman seems to be saying, but bigger crimes soon follow. Not so much a highway to hell as a full-on rollercoaster ride. Just remember to keep your arms inside the carriage at all times.

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