Thursday, November 29, 2007

Out of the Gutter #3

I received my contributer's copy to Out of the Gutter #3 the other day, and I'm pretty damn impressed with what Matt Louis & company have come up with. This is an attractive and professional looking magazine/book, very clean design, terrific artwork. So far I've only read a few of the stories & articles, but have already come across dark pulpish gems from Pearce Hansen and J.D. Rhoades and a fascinating article by Alan Emmins on one of the most bizarre underground LA sex clubs imaginable--something you wouldn't believe if you came across it in a story or novel.


Patrick Shawn Bagley said...


I got mine in yesterday's mail. Read it straight through last night. "Adrenaline" was a helluva good story.

Dave Zeltserman said...

Patrick, thanks, man. When I sent in Adrenaline I was trying for the most violent story in the book, but from what I read so far I don't think I made it. Some damn good stuff so far, and my hat's off to Matt and his gang. I know how hard it is putting out a short crime fiction periodical, and I'm very happy to be part of this.