Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Femme Fatales on Hardluck Stories

The Femme Fatale issue of Hardluck Stories is now online. Guest edited by O'Neil De Noux, with original noirish femme fatale stories by Michael Bracken, Trey Barker, Pearce Hanson, Stephen D. Rogers, George Wilhite, John J. Wilson, Patricia Abbott, Matt Spencer, Garnett Elliot, T. P. Keating, Rafe McGregor, Mary Elizabeth Merrem Shaw and Terry White, and illustrated by Jean-Pierre Jacquet, this is one collection of Hardluck Stories you don't want to miss!

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skees said...

Hey Dave,

Just wanted to say hello. I followed your directions over here. Enjoyed reading the updates here and good luck on the books.

Thanks again for what you do with Hardluck Stories. Gives jamokes like me an opportunity to submit.
The new Femme issue looks fantastic too.

-John Wilson.